100g Pecan Pie Flavoured Rooibos Tea

100g Pecan Pie Flavoured Rooibos Tea

Metropolitan Tea Company

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Sweet and nutty highlights meld with rooibos. Notes of caramel create a dessert-like finish.

Luxury Ingredients: Rooibos, Pomegranate peel, Calendula + Plum petals, Natural flavors (Organic Compliant).

Small Batch Blended and Packed in: Canada

Tea(s) From: South Africa / Egypt

Region(s): Cederberg / Nile River Delta + Fayoum

Antioxidant Level: Low

Caffeine Content: None - Caffeine Free Herb 

Pecan Pie is a rich custard pie made with fresh Pecans and sweet  corn syrup.  In a word it is magnificent.  Or should we say magnifique?   New Orleans legend has it that Pecan pie was created by the French  shortly after settling in the New World.  Apparently, the settlers were  introduced to the nuts by the early Native American inhabitants of  Louisiana.  The story unfortunately, although very romantic and told  often by the inhabitants of the Big Easy, has a few holes.  For one,  food historians have been unable to track down a recipe for Pecan Pie  older than 1925.  For two, corn syrup, considered an essential component  of the traditional recipe, was not developed until the 1880's - and the  French arrived more than 100 years before that!  One thing is known for  certain - Pecan Pie is a sweet nutty treat that over the years has  become a staple of Southern cuisine.

Although no one has  concocted any legends about the origin of Pecan Pie Rooibos tea, we're  still certain this blend will get people talking.  The mellow character  of caffeine free Rooibos, Aspalathus Linearis, provides a stunning  herbal base for the mélange of fresh nutty pecan flavor and sweet  caramel, topped off with a hint of cream.  Wonderful as an after dinner  treat, this tea is like having Pecan Pie without the calories.  Leave  enough room for seconds!

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